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Aloxxi Chroma Large Intro Kit

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Aloxxi Chroma Large Intro Kit

Aloxxi Chroma Large Intro Kit

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Introductory Kit Includes:
1- Spectrum Stylist Apron w/Snaps
1- Aloxxi Colour Cape
1- Digital Color Scale
2- Colour Tint Brush-Black-Med.
2- Colour Mixing Bowl - Black
1- Ergonomic Colour Tube Key
1- Chroma Shade 1N
1- Chroma Shade 2N
3- Chroma Shade 3N
1- Chroma Shade 3V
1- Chroma Shade 4BrG
1- Chroma Shade 4GV

4- Chroma Shade 4N
2- Chroma Shade 4NN
1- Chroma Shade 4RM
1- Chroma Shade 4XR
1- Chroma Shade 5A
1- Chroma Shade 5BrG
1- Chroma Shade 5GV
4- Chroma Shade 5N
1- Chroma Shade 5NAMT
2- Chroma Shade 5NN
1- Chroma Shade 5NT
1- Chroma Shade 5RM
1- Chroma Shade 5V
1- Chroma Shade 5XR
1- Chroma Shade 6A
1- Chroma Shade 6AA
1- Chroma Shade 6BrG
1- Chroma Shade 6GM
1- Chroma Shade 6KK
5- Chroma Shade 6N
1- Chroma Shade 6NA
1- Chroma Shade 6NN
1- Chroma Shade 6NT
1- Chroma Shade 6XR
1- Chroma Shade 7A
1- Chroma Shade 7BrG
1- Chroma Shade 7GR
1- Chroma Shade 7GV
1- Chroma Shade 7KK
4- Chroma Shade 7N
1- Chroma Shade 7NA
1- Chroma Shade 7NAMT
1- Chroma Shade 7NN
1- Chroma Shade 7NT
1- Chroma Shade 8A
1- Chroma Shade 8AA
1- Chroma Shade 8BrG
2- Chroma Shade 8N
1- Chroma Shade 8NA
1- Chroma Shade 8NAMT
2- Chroma Shade 8NN
1- Chroma Shade 8NT
1- Chroma Shade 9A
1- Chroma Shade 9AA
2- Chroma Shade 9N
1- Chroma Shade 9NA
1- Chroma Shade 9NN
1- Chroma Shade 9NT
1- Chroma Shade 10A
1- Chroma Shade 10N
1- Chroma Boost
1- Creme Developer 10 Vol 33.8 Fl. Oz. 
2- Creme Developer 20 Vol 33.8 Fl. Oz. 
1- Creme Developer 30 Vol 33.8 Fl. Oz. 
1- Creme Developer 40 Vol 33.8 Fl. Oz. 
1- Creme Developer 20 Vol Blue 33.8 Fl. Oz.
1- Creme Developer 40 Vol Blue 33.8 Fl. Oz.
1- Chroma/Tones Swatch Book 2022
1- Barrier Creme 5.1 Fl. Oz.
1- Colourlock 16.9 Fl. Oz.
1- ColourPrime 10.1 Fl. Oz.



Condition: Emollients derived from Coconut Oil for deep conditioning and color absorption combined with highly charged co-polymers including p22 to aid in preventing cuticle damage, create a cocoon of conditioners which encapsulate the color pigments.

Deposit: High-definition crystallized micro-pigments, ensure maximum color saturation and even color results from base to ends.

Protect: Plant based protectant Bisabolol (derived from Candeia) combined with a low ammonia formula protects the hair and scalp during the color process by allowing hair to swell gently.


Easy to formulate, consistent, predictable long-lasting colour results.

Alpha numeric and International Numbering system identification.

Gentle and high performing results. Low alkalinity (when mixed with developer). Minimal swelling of the cuticle

Unsurpassed condition & shine. Long lasting results. Pure tones = beautiful color vibrancy. Profitable mixing ratio.